Yum-Yum Letters


 Worried how your wiggleworm will learn to write his letters? Let a fat juicy caterpillar or smiling snowflake teach him. Yum Yum Letters gives kids a gentle introduction to handwriting. 

This “smart” app is so cheery and full of positive reinforcement and encouragement, kids will view tracing as a game. They have a choice of scratching out letters on a frosty window or munching through alphabet imprinted leaves to get to a shiny red apple. Parents also get choices as they can set the app to follow ABC order or present letters developmentally based on starting point and/or type and difficulty of strokes.
After completing a series of letters kids earn a reward which may be helping the caterpillar turn into beautifully decorated butterfly or making a snowflake from jewel-like ice crystals. What little ones won't realize is even these mini-games are building their motor skills and helping develop the control they will need to write.



What Kids Love:
• Friendly animated characters as guides• Multi-sensory auditory and visual feedback while writing• Generous praise for each attempt• Creative themed games to celebrate accomplishments• No grades or penalties for mistakes• Welcoming graphics, music and professional voiceover keep the mood upbeat and relaxed 

Important For Parents and Teachers:
• Dual teaching methods    

- RECOMMENDED which groups letters based on similarity of strokes and difficulty      

- ALPHABETICAL which allows selection of any letter 

• Choice of two popular school fonts – HWT style (Handwriting Without Tears©) and ZB style (Zaner-Bloser©)
• Dedicated EASY mode for beginners and special needs kids that uses maximum prompts for each of 3 tries
• Varied levels of difficulty in which prompting gradually decreases each time through with emphasis first given to learning the proper starting point; then staying within the lines; and finally memorizing the order and direction of all segments and making a complete stroke without the finger leaving the screen
• Errorless learning to prevent reversal and misshapen letters
• Built-in reinforcing mini-games motivate kids to continue their learning
• DETAILED PROGRESS REPORTS track the status of each letter (studied, learned, not attempted), number of tries and mistakes and uses data to reorder letters for additional practice
• Support for up to 30 student profiles with custom settings for each
• Ability to individually mute sound effects and voiceover, alter number of trials between reinforcers and specify criteria for mastery
• COPPA compliant child safe app with no ads, external links or in-app purchases

Yum Yum Letters was made in consultation with educators and Occupational therapists. Our aim is to meet the unique learning needs of all young children and provide a stress-free tool for handwriting.

- Pre-writing elements – lines, semicircles, circles, etc.- Lowercase letters and words- Additional funny characters and more games- Extended progress reports and settings