We Discover Africa: Safari Quest



Bring family, friends and classmates together with Safari Quest pass-and-play board game! In this child-friendly multiplayer board game you will get to know the inhabitants of the hot savanna and have amazing adventures in Africa! You might meet a lion, hide from rain showers, repair a bridge, scare away a snake and much more! However, only the first player to collect all 7 animal photos and reach the end of the game will win!

On top of providing hours of fun, Safari Quest offers real educational value with over 350 questions and answers about the African savanna and the animals that live there. This game is easy enough for younger kids and equally challenging and enjoyable for adults.

Game features

  • Multiplayer mode – Option to play with 2 to 4 players or with 1 player against the computer.
  • Huge educational value - learn interesting facts about forest, with over 350 challenging questions and answers, as well as 3 difficulty levels
  • Beautiful illustrations and amazing pop-up visual effects that bring the scenes to life!
  • Engaging game play- earn bonuses and sometimes lose them, get presents and complete the tasks to reach the finish line faster!
  • Suitable for any age - appropriate for kids as young as 4, but is equally challenging for adults.
  • Individual player settings – select the difficulty level for questions and each player’s figurine