Boo Numbers


 The countdown to Halloween is on and there's no better way to get ready than by learning to write numbers 1-10 with the help of a big hairy spider. 

TBoo Numbers helps parents and preschool teachers avoid boo-hoos by introducing number writing in a playful relaxed setting. Spooky cobwebs, bold orange pumpkins and fall's first golden leaves make for the perfect canvas to practice tracing numbers. There's a choice of four fonts from blocky Zaner Bloser-style used in the US to the UK's soft rounded Sassoon and slanted, italicized styles commonly seen in schools across Europe. No tricks here. It's a treat to practice when hard work receives lavish praise and even mistakes are met with encouraging remarks. First little goblins unravel a silken cobweb by tracing each digit. Next they creep across newly fallen leaves while trying to stay within the lines. Finally, kids get to scratch numbers into their pumpkin with only an eerie glowing trail to guide their path. Beware of going outside the lines or making strokes in the wrong order as the app tracks progress from each session.


What Kids Love:
• Friendly animated characters as guides• Multi-sensory auditory and visual feedback while writing

• Generous praise for each attempt

• Creative themed games to celebrate accomplishments

• No grades or penalties for mistakes

• Welcoming graphics, music and professional voiceover keep the mood upbeat and relaxed 

Important For Parents and Teachers:

• Dedicated EASY mode for beginners and special needs kids that uses maximum prompts for each of 3 tries
• Varied levels of difficulty in which prompting gradually decreases each time through with emphasis first given to learning the proper starting point; then staying within the lines; and finally memorizing the order and direction of all segments and making a complete stroke without the finger leaving the screen
• Errorless learning to prevent reversal and misshapen letters
• Built-in reinforcing mini-games motivate kids to continue their learning
• DETAILED PROGRESS REPORTS track the status of each number (studied, learned, not attempted), number of tries and mistakes
• Support for up to 30 student profiles with custom settings for each
• Ability to individually mute sound effects and voiceover, alter number of trials between reinforcers and specify criteria for mastery
• COPPA compliant child safe app with no ads, external links or in-app purchases

Now mom won't have to be the wicked witch of the west to get her little one to practice handwriting. Kids will have plenty of motivation to keep writing numbers as their reward is the chance to "carve" their very own pumpkin. Knives aren't required as the mini-game uses resizable chunks and slices to build a silly or scary face. Lopsided mouthes or uneven eyes aren't a problem since the shapes move in tandem. The options for decorating are endless and saving favorites to the camera roll will keep the Halloween spirit going long after the holiday is over.