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Here at Kindermatica, we create educational and entertaining applications for kids as we believe that new generation touch screen devices are more than a mobile game platform. It is a perfect means to educate and engage little creatures in a totally new interactive way.

We strive to take full advantage of iPhone, iPad, Android devices with touch screens, rich media, interconnectivity and much more, to educate and entertain children—from babies and toddlers to pre-kindergarten and elementary grades. Our products are designed to accelerate the development of children in kindergarten, preschool and elementary grades and focus on development of their cognitive, social, motor abilities and learning skills. They are engaging educational alternatives which can be perfectly combined with traditional learning methods.

Supported by a team of creative and experienced artists, designers, animators, Kindermatica will continue to offer you products of high values. So your suggestions and comments are always valuable to us and we would be happy to hear from you all the time.