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Boo Numbers

The countdown to Halloween is on and there's no better way to get ready than by learning to write numbers 1-10 with the help of a big hairy spider.

Yum-Yum Letters

Handwriting made fun for kids with funny animated characters, multi-sensory auditory and visual feedback while writing and built-in mini-games which motivate kids to continue their learning.

We Discover Wildlife: Forest Quest

Multiplayer educational and fun board game that the whole family will enjoy! Collect 7 photos of forest animals and be the first to reach the finish to win!

We Discover Africa: Safari Quest

Multiplayer educational and fun board game that the whole family will enjoy! Collect 7 photos of African animals and be the first to reach the finish to win!

Playroom - Lessons with Max

Playroom: Lessons with Max is 5 games in 1 for toddlers and preschoolers to help strengthen early learning skills in a simple but challenging environment with an adorable kitty named Max.

Magic Sorter-Sea Tales: 10 in 1

MAGIC SORTER - Sea Tales - 10 in 1 helps develop important cognitive and fine motor skills by dragging & dropping objects to match the silhouettes. With parental assistance it can also develop language skills, for example, by naming the objects, sea animals, shapes and colors.

Merry Cubes HD

Toddlers and kids from 2 to 7 will have fun with this really engaging cube matching game. Just swipe the cube and tap to rotate it and reconstruct the whole picture. Watch every matched fruit dancing as a reward and a real fruit disco as a grand prix!

We Discover Africa: Safari Quest

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Engaging gameplay

A board game with a magical JUMANJI-type vibe that has a whole lot of fun animal facts to learn! The quest is to capture photos of seven different animals before making it to the finish.Watch out however, or you may get caught up the river without a paddle. To earn equipment for situations on the trail, you must answer questions that you are asked along the way or be lucky enough to land on a bonus spot!

There are more than enough twists, turns and surprises to keep all the family interested and entertained!

Great for family time

This is a game that allows children (and adults) of different ages and ability levels to play on an equal playing field. It’s also easy to pick up and play, making it suitable for a long road trip or your next family game time.

Huge educational value

Endless learning opportunity through 350+ trivia and funny facts about African animals. You can also set the difficulty level between players making it easy to balance out age differences and basic knowledge of African fauna.

Check demo here

Beautiful illustrations

The graphics are beautiful and have a real African feel. Everything from the Lion and Rhinoceros that greet you on the main screen to the wooden “stepping stones” takes you straight to Africa.

Handwriting made fun!

Let a fat juicy caterpillar or smiling snowflake teach your child to write letters!

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